Floridita opens Rum Shack

So last week, CTC were lucky enough to get down to Floridita to check out the recently opened Rum Shack.

We reported on the opening a month or so ago, and that Floridita had transformed an entire area into a pop up rum bar aptly called The Rum Shack.

Rum Shack - Floridita

We were in town for a friends leaving drinks which was conveniently in a pub round the corner so it was rude not to pop in.

After a few beers we headed in to check out the cocktails and rum on offer and we were blown away. Floridita has always been a Mecca (can I say that talking about alcohol?) for rum and cocktails and with a new dedicated rum bar, it allows rum drinkers to get together and sample some fine cocktails and rums from around the world.

Rum Shack - Mojito and menu

As we arrived I headed straight for the menu and was pleased to see a plethora of cocktails to sample, however for me I felt it was rude not to have a mojito, seeing as its Floridita.

The mojito was on point as usual with the correct amount of ingredients mixed up into a glass of happiness. Some called me boring for always going for the same cocktail but ‘if its not broke, why fix it’

As we took our seats on the rum shacks bar stools I felt like I was at a beach hut & all that was missing was the sun.
There was live music and a DJ which helped get the party started and post mojito I decided it was time to chat rums with the bartender.

The bar was well stocked with all the rums you would know and love as well as some hidden gems. They had everything from the full Havana Club range, Ron Zacapa, Pink Pigeon, Chairmans Reserve, La Hechicera, Appleton, Kraken etc.

Asking the bar tender which rum he would recommend, he reached straight for the Ron Zacapa and I didn’t blame him.

Rum Shack - Rum selection

If I had won the lottery I would have gone for the Havana Club 15 year however I opted for the 7 year. Naturally I had the drink neat which perfectly rounded up the evening.

Rum Shack - Havana Club 7 year

As I sat back and sipped the rum I remembered being there in 2007 pre-smoking ban smoking a Partagas D4 on that very dance floor (oh the good old days)

I did enquire if we could take our drinks into their cigar room upstairs, however due to licensing you cannot #DRATS!
After dancing quite silly to Jay-Z & Kanye West’s Otis and LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem I decided it was time to grab my winter jacket and face the reality that I was still in London and needed to get the tube home.
We would thoroughly recommend visiting the Rum Shack if you are a fan of rums and rum cocktails. The bar staff know what they are doing and know their rums, which is refreshing to find these days. (Well you wouldn’t go somewhere like Tiger Tiger expecting to find decent rum)

In fact, all this talk is making me want to go back….Rum Shack see you tonight!

The Rum Shack can be found at Floridita – 100 Wardour Street, London, W1F 0TN

Check out the menu here