Film Poster Friday – Django Unchained

its Friday, we have been sent some posters, so it makes sense that its another #FilmPosterFriday.

Today we have 5 character Posters for Django Unchained which show off the A-List cast including Jamie Foxx, Samuel L Jackson and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Django (Foxx) is a slave who is liberated by a German dentist-turned-bounty hunter (Waltz) and taught the tricks of thetradeby his mentor. Django’s major goal in life is to recover his wife (Washington), and to do it he needs to get past the villainous ranch owner Calvin Candie (DiCaprio), who runs Candyland, a despicable club and plantation in Mississippi where female slaves are exploited as sex objects and males are pitted against each other in death matches (We think we’ve been to their Croydon branch).  Candyland is a slave’s worst nightmare, and that is where Django’s wife Broomhilda is an abused slave.

The film also stars Jonah Hill, Don Johnson, Joseph Goron-Levitt, and RZA and is set to land on UK shores in January 2013.

Here’s the Posters: