Father’s Day sorted by James Bond, Ryan Reynolds, Orlando Bloom and a crocodile?!

Its fair to say that is one heck of a team right there to help you out with Father’s Day this year! They may not actually turn up in person (partly because one isn’t technically real and the other would cause a fairly size able bloody bath on the cream carpets that Mother would go batshit crazy about) on Father’s Day but the essence of what they stand for certainly will and Mother will be thanking you that!

Yes we are talking about cologne, Eau De Toilette, the good stuff… and this year all bases are covered in the Father’s Day gift department. Below CutTheCap have complied some of the best fragrances to suit all types of man, so get reading and then get buying there’s not much time left!


Option 1: Bond, James Bond…

Can’t really go wrong here. For half a century, James Bond has captured the collective imagination of the world with his masculinity, charm, and elegance. He is the quintessential icon with whom men everywhere identify. He is celebrated and renowned across the world; an untouchable fantasy – as revered by men as he is desired by women.

What better was to say Happy Father’s Day than with a fragrance that captures all these elements? 2 to choice from…

007 Original:

In the year that marked the 50th anniversary of James Bond, the world’s first male fragrance dedicated to the legendary British spy was born: James Bond 007. The essence of a true icon, James Bond 007 Fragrance is a classic and unmistakably masculine scent with a fresh, sophisticated twist –  the ultimate fragrance for the modern man.

NEW! 007 Ocean Royale:

A revitalising new scent, James Bond 007 Ocean Royale offers a refreshing addition to the signature fragrance with a confidently adventurous twist. With an invigorating surge of freshness, this energising daytime fragrance harnesses the dangerous sophistication and uncompromising masculinity of the world’s favorite secret agent.

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Option 2: Boss, Hugo Boss…

These fragrances honour the important role of a father and provide the ideal way to celebrate the day with a selection of masculine fragrances.

Is your Father as timeless and sleek as the fashion house that inspired it? 

Ryan Reynolds the face of BOSS Bottled, defines his own meaning of success. He is confident and strong but won’t hesitate to reveal his more spontaneous and emotional side. The immediate BOSS fragrance experience is fruity and fresh, but soon develops into a warm woody release.

Is a cool, relaxed scent the perfect fragrance for your Dad?

Orlando Bloom, the face of BOSS Orange Man Limited Edition is optimistic  and confident: he follows and trusts his individual tastes and remains true to who he is. The scent is memorable, yet easy to wear, the fragrance opens with green apple and followed by a fresh aquatic heart with a comfortable, effortless woody base.

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Option 3: LACOSTE L.12.12 Noir…

Another brand new fragrance here, the EAU DE LACOSTE L.12.12 Noir. A woody, aromatic fragrance inspired by the intensity of warm summer evenings and the timeless elegance of the LACOSTE L.12.12 polo shirt. Its a contemporary take on a classic aromatic fougère – it is both fresh and aromatic whilst deep, intense and warm, inhabiting an olfactory space not unlike dusk, where elements of day and night mingle to create a truly unique moment.

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