Fathers Day Gift Idea – Appleton Estate

Lets face it, its mid week and you have forgotten what Sunday is? Well for those that do know well done, but for the 99% of us that forgot its Fathers day.

And while we all scramble to the nearest petrol station to buy whatever we can find, we’d thought we’d share a gift idea which can save you the day and make you the best son or daughter.

The folks over at Appleton Estate have got together to whip up an Appleton Estate cocktail so you can kick back and sip on some good rum with the family.


Appleton Estate V/X Rum - Fathers Day

What’s the name of this cocktail I hear you ask, how can I make one I hear you scream?
Well it’s “Jamaican buck” and its real easy to make. All you need is:
• 50ml V/X Appleton Estate rum
• Squeeze Lime wedge
• Jamaican Ginger BeerAnd to make it all you need to do is pour Appleton Estate V/X over some ice, add lime juice. Top up with ginger beer, Garnish with a lime.If you have never sampled Appleton Estate the V/X is a great rum to drink either in a cocktail or even neat.

With sweet, honey satin caramel tones, the V/X complements a mild to medium cigar, which could be perfect alongside your Jamaican buck this Sunday.

If you fancy grabbing a bottle, you can pick up a bottle in most reputable establishments for around £20.

However if you fancy upping the rum steaks, then why not head over to selected specialists for a bottle of Appleton Estate 12 year for around £35

If you are enjoying a Jamaican buck this weekend, then tweet us a picture to @cutthecap and we’ll cheers with you.

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