Elf, Love Actually and Home Alone all unwrapped in December The Grand, Clapham

So the topic hotly debated in the office this week was ‘watching which film officially made it Christmas’. Home Alone or Elf or Love Actually.

Now in my eyes, there is only one winner and it’s not just because I look like Mr Culkin, (the none-weird none-drug version I might add) but it’s purely and simply Home Alone. It had Christmas heartache, cheer, me/Macaulay, snow, fun and adventure. Plus it was there first.
Yes yes I know, outrageous that I haven’t picked Elf and I might even lose this to the youth vote but currently I’m the only one at the keyboard and I’m not running a democratic process here so HOME ALONE it is!

BUT that’s not to say we can’t all have our cake and eat it this year… what this Christmas has come early?!

Well is has this December at The Grand, Clapham. There’s a trio of feel-good movie gems gracing the big screen as the £1 Cinema Club offers up ‘Elf’ (9th), ‘Love Actually’ (16th) and ‘Home Alone’ (23rd).
Cosy up with mulled wine and mince pies then hit the dance floor for a cracker of a club night. 9
th December’s late night offering is a tinsel-wrapped balled bonanza from Ultimate Power, 16th promises snow to recreate iconic 90s & 00s festive music videos whilst 23rd will encompass all things seasonal in a final celebration. Tickets available now at ClaphamGrand.com