Diddy hits London

So last night I had the pleasure of attending the album launch party for Diddy Dirty Money album Last Train to Paris  in London’s Pigalle Club.

Diddy is pretty much one of the last rappers left from a time when I started listening to Hip Hop and R&B so for me this would be a big occasion….and it was.

On arriving at the club, there was probably a bigger queue than a post office on a monday morning, however we slowly managed to find ourselves in the ‘Media Darling’ line.

After around a 45 minute wait (while we waited for all the C-list celebs to go in) we made our way through and into the VIP.

Upon entering, we noticed that with a stroke of luck we had ended up in the V-V.IP.

In front of us Alan Car sipped his cocktail while chatting to Xfactor loser winner Shayne Ward and one of the Sugababes from version 4.5……. Ok so maybe they weren’t massive celebs but for Britain it was quite big.

Music was supplied by ‘the name you can trust’ Kiss’s Manny Norte, and his set was a dream come true for anyone over the age of 27.

It was themed around Bad Boy and related artists covering all the classics from Total to Black Rob’s Woahhh – all the way to Ricky Ross’s – Aston Martin Music.

I was in my element and with a free bar serving Ciroc Vodka cocktails, what more could I ask for?

Diddy and Dirty Money made their way to the stage to take us through some of their tracks while every now and then breaking into an impromptu performance. (inbetween flling up on Ciroc and Ace of Spades Champers)

On the right of stage stood Diddy’s entourage consisting of Skepta, Chipmunk, Tim Westwood, Tinchy Stryder, Wretch 32 and about 20 other people. It clearly was a UK takeover.

Diddy even took the time to congratulate the UK artists for all they have achieved. What a nice lad?

As the night continued on, so did the Ciroc Vodka, but the crowd was not letting up and there’s only so many times I can be violated in 1 night by a crowd.

I did wonder if I could catch Diddy’s attention and throw him a Cohiba, he may get me on stage to celebrate with him…..but then again I have always been a dreamer!

Eray’s new album will be released in the summer lol

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