Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson & Cigars

Thought I’d kick off Monday with a little trivia about celebrities and cigars.

According to reports, 50 cent is partial to Montecristo cigars (smart man)

Although there is no definite source, in 2007 it was reported that Curtis ’50 cent’ Jackson requested Cuban cigars on his rider when performing.

There was some controversy at the time as U.S. law bans citizens from buying or importing Cuban cigars and violations of the Cuban Assets Control Regulations can carry jail terms and hefty fines.

However, prosecutions for such cigar crimes are rare, so 50 went unaffected. Plus there is nothing like smoking a Montecristo in a place that you shouldn’t. (says the man that smoked a Montecristo Edmundo on the roof of Caesar’s Palace at Pure Nightclub)