Cuba deals with the Cut in Spend

I just watched a great report on the BBC’s website on how Cuba have been hit with smoking laws and the economic crisis, and their solution – they are releasing smaller cigars which won’t take as long to smoke.
As the video shows the yearly Havana Cigar Festival (wish I was there) the reporter discusses the new Upman half corona that can be smoked in around 20 minutes. Great for us Brits who have to brave the cold for an hour of heaven.

Habanos describes as a novice friendly, accessible format deigned to “enjoy at any time.” It measures 3 1/2 by 44 and comes in five-count tins or boxes of 25.

Hopefully this means, smoking in winter will not be a problem and for newbie smokers, they can experience a cigar in 20 minutes.

Click here’s to see the video