COYA Mayfair launches Bespoke Bacardi Facundo Cocktail Menu

COYA Mayfair, the modern Latin American restaurant have partnered with Bacardi’s Facundo Rum to introduce an exotic new drinks menu, celebrating the relaunch of their new terrace and the stunning gardens of Ecuador.

The Facundo rum range was launched in 2013 as a collection of rums from the family’s private reserve, offering something extra special for the rum drinker.

The menu is comprised of a selection of cocktails that have been created with the rich fauna of Ecuador in mind.

The flavours centre around the nature of an Ecuadorian garden in which you can discover an array of tropical birds. Each drink is named after a bird and the menu details a fact that makes the bird and the cocktail unique.

As part of the experience, guests are offered a biology lesson at the same time in the menu. The presentation of the drinks is kept simple in order to focus on the ingredients, flavour and concept which is complimented by the foliage on the COYA terrace.

The cocktails on offer are:

Toco Toucan: Made with the tropics in mind and contains Facundo Neo rum, sweet pineapple, bitters, citrus, spicy pepper, vanilla, tea, milk and zingy ginger, encompassing a light and bitter long drink.

Capuchinibird: A savoury mix of Facundo Eximo, milky coconut, tonka and a special exotic sauce.

Scarlet-Banded Barbet: A herbal concoction containing Facundo Exquisito, Chartreuse, zesty lime, a cola reduction and finished with sesame.

Waved Albartross: A delicious dark, aged rum drink with Facundo Paradiso, sugar cane and chocolate bitters.

The Neo is an aged light sipping rum which is a mix of rums aged upto 8 years with the Eximo blended upto 10 years.

Exquisito is a blend from 7 to 23 years finished in sherry casks for a month, offering a smooth liquid. Finally the Paradiso is finished in French XO casks with some more than 60 years old.

COYA Mayfair also sell cigars so if you are heading down there, why not light up a cigar to pair with the cocktails.

You can find COYA at Newton House 118 PiccadillyLondon W1J 7NW, England.

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