Cohiba Esplendidos in Bristol

This weekend I was on my brother in laws Stag weekend in rainy Bristol.

As we arrived the rain was pouring. I packed a MonteCristo Edmundo and a Cohiba Esplendidos for the trip and was hoping to smoke both over the 2 days.

Due to the fantastic British weather, I only got to smoke the Cohiba… 5am while watching the sun rise by the quayside.

Although I was still drunk and slowly falling asleep, I had a great company with me in my mate Mark.

The Cigar had been sitting in my humidor since I purchased a box in Cuba back in 2008.

It had slightly dried a bit but was still in a good condition to smoke. The cigar was rich in flavour and had a great leathery taste to it.

Unfortunately at 5am, its hard to find a nice rum to complement the cigar so I had to stick with a left over Carlsberg from my room.

Still it didn’t disappoint. For a fuller flavour smoke I recommend the Cohiba Esplendidos, perhaps after a big meal with red wine…not after a dirty Kebab with a Carlsberg lol

We even stopped to take a pic….and no it’s not a wig it’s the bush in the background!!!!
Its not a wig, its the bush...not my bush lol