Cigar Myths Explained

Time and time again we are asked the same questions surrounding cigar myths and folklore so we thought we would put it all down in one handy article for you to read and share.

Over the years there have been many myths around production, storing and smoking and so we have put together our top 6 myths surrounding cigars

Myth 1 – Storing Cigars In A Fridge
This is one we get asked about a lot, generally from people who have just returned from Cuba and was told by their mate Jose that it’s the best way to keep cigars.

Cigars in a Fridge

This is of course fiction and for a couple of reasons. Cigars need to be kept in a controlled humidified environment such as a humidor.

By placing the cigars in a fridge you are exposing them to a cold, wet environment that will eventually kill the tobacco leaf.

Also cigars absorb what they come in contact with so unless you want your Montecristos smelling and tasting like last nights tuna pasta bake, we’d suggest investing in a humidor to keep those stogies properly stored (why not check out our buddies at for a selection of humidors – shameless plug)

Myth 2 – Cigars Rolled On Virgin Ladies Thighs
Cigars Virgin Thighs

A myth that we would love to be real, however this is incorrect for a number of reasons.

Firstly a cigar roller is given a quota of cigars they need to make each day and if you had over 100 cigars to roll, your thigh would be the last thing you would want to use as a table.

Also in those humid temperatures surely you will be sweating and remember what we said about cigars absorbing anything they come in contact with? Mmmmm imagine sweet infused cohibas!

Also if it was virgin females, what about the other half of the workforce – men?

Not sure Emilios thighs would be adequate for my cigars – double corona with extra leg hair anyone?

Myth 3 – Price means better
Another myth is that the more expensive the cigar the better it is. This is clearly not the case.

Cohiba is regarded as one of the best cigar brands in the world, however not many people know that in the very same factory Trinidad cigars are also made which are cheaper and in my opinion just as good.

Some folk do love cohibas and I am not doubting they are amazing cigars, but it all depends on what you are after in a smoke. For example I wouldn’t want a esplendidos after breakfast when I would normally opt for a lighter cigar.
cigar money

Myth 4 – 
Cigars Are A Rich Mans Hobby

When I first started this crazy website the main reason was because I wanted to break down this stereotype that cigars are only smoked and enjoyed by upper class rich people in members clubs while they discuss their summer home in the south of France.

Yes there is an element as cigars aren’t as cheap as a pack of golden Virginia, however if anything it’s proved my point that cigars come in all ages (16+), backgrounds and disposable incomes.

The great thing about cigar smoking is you could work part time in Nandos (no offence to nandos) but when you sit in a cigar lounge you could be sitting with a CEO of a international company and they will greet you like a friend, unlike the 1000s of people who would kill for 4 minutes with that man.

So don’t be fooled if you think cigar smoking is for posh people only, I’m a kid from south london raised by a single parent that loves old Skool hip hop, retro trainers and mindless action movies.

Myth 5 –Cubans Are The Best

Yes cuban cigars are amazing and there is no doubting their fertile land is incredible at producing cigars, however if recent years have taught us anything it’s that the rest of the world is mastering cigar production and country’s like Nicaragua and Dominican republic are giving cuba a run for their money.

Look at last years cigar of the year the flor de la Antilles which is an incredible smoke. Other smokes that we love are arturo fuente short story’s

Bigger cigar means stronger

Again, another myth that has manifested probably partly because of rappers living the bling lifestyle where excess is a sign of wealth.

As a cigar smoke I love a hoyo de Monterrey double corona which is over 7 inches long, however I hardly smoke them a) because I don’t that’s the time and b) I can get the same satisfaction from a smaller cigar like a Montecristo petit edmundo.


So there you have it, our guide to some cigar myths that circulate our cigar smoking world.

If you disagree with any of the above or have any others that you want to add, then let us know as we are always happy to hear what people think.

We will try to add more as we go but we hope to smoke cigars.