Win Christmas With The Botanist Limited Edition Gift Pack

Let’s face it, you’ve left it to the last minute once again and like us you are running around like supermarket sweep trying to grab a last minute gift.

The Botanist, Islay’s first and only dry gin, handcrafted and distilled on the remote Scottish Island, are inviting you to celebrate in style this Christmas with the launch of its bespoke special edition Christmas gift pack.

Impress that special person when you tell them how nine classic gin botanicals are augmented by 22 local herbs and flowers, all foraged responsibly by hand from the hills, shores and bogs of the Hebridean Island by botanical scientists.

Taking the intricate craft of distillation to new heights, The Botanist has a rich, mellow taste and a citrus freshness to stimulate the taste buds. From apple mint, coriander and orange and lemon peel, to honey, coconut and wild mint, the spirit is a delectable expression of the heart and soul of its home, Islay.

So if you have a gin aficionado why not pick up the limited edition gift pack which includes, the signature 70cl bottle, as well as a unique mixing glass which allows you to create your own festive drink at home and experiment with an array of seasonal serves.

The foraged botanicals found in The Botanist are etched in Latin around the outside of the mixing glass, mirroring the embossed etchings on the gin’s glass bottle.

Available for a limited time only, The Botanist’s seasonal gift set allows you to explore and discover your perfect gin cocktail at home. Experiment with a selection of seasonal garnishes, such as a sprig of holly, seasonal orange peel, spicy cinnamon and a sprinkle of cloves, or create something completely new and unique.

The Botanist limited edition gift pack is available from £34.99 and available at all specialist retailers including Master Of Malt.


  1. It tastes like Scotch but there’s something different about it. After drinking it I realized it’s a blend, for the grain element is married flawlessly into it. Full bodied and pleasant, 51.4% but you wouldn’t tell that from the nose or undiluted taste. Add a bit of water and it will release some aromas that weren’t there before.
    I admit, I approached this one with skepticism, “yeah Japanese, what do they know” and I was thought a lesson: Japanese can turn anything into art.

    This one is really special, even if it’s sold in 500ml bottles.a

  2. Thanks for the comments Ruou, it certainly is a work of art! Agreed also on adding just a touch of water to release those aromas – wonderful.

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