Christmas Cocktails – Tea with a Twist…

Joe's Tea CoThis. is. Joe’s. Tea. Co. and you lovely readers are in for a treat… brace yourself this winter for tea infused cocktails. Yes this is a real, yes this is versatility at its best and yes its goooood.

Unveiled to you are some new creative cocktails with the zesty ‘St. Clement’s Lemon Mimosa’, the subtle spices of the ‘Christmas Chai Cocktail’, a take on the classic G&T tipple with Joe’s ‘G&Tea Cocktail’ and the elegant and delicious ‘Royal-Tea’ fit for a king and queen.

You could say Joe’s Tea Co are revolutionising the nation’s favourite drink… Joe continues to provide exciting new ways to bring his blends to the discerning modern tea drinker. The new cocktails have been carefully put together with top mixologists to provide a complimenting mix of flavours that will keep spirits high this season. The creations are a perfect example of the versatility of Joe’s blends, which are all available this Christmas as individual boxes and subscription packages. For more information, to purchase Joe’s Tea Co. products and a full list of stockists, check out the official website.

DID YOU KNOW? Long before the invention of refrigeration, cocktail recipes dating back to the 1700’s were always enjoyed warm!

With winter firmly here not a bad a bad fact to know and it’s no coincidences Joe has introduced the perfect winter warmer incorporating his limited edition chai spice blend with cream liqueur to make this perfectly rich dessert cocktail, a comforting end to any winter evening.

St. Clement’s Lemon Mimosa

Thought to have originated at the Ritz hotel in Paris in 1925, the Mimosa is the ultimate brunch staple. Adding some zest to the classic, start your Christmas morning with this sophisticated tipple.

25ml St Clement’s Lemon infused Grand Marnier
75ml freshly squeezed orange juice
1 tbsp. freshly squeezed lemon juice
Chilled Prosecco

Pour the infused Grand Marnier, orange juice and lemon juice into a champagne flute and top up with prosecco. Garnish with a fresh slice of ginger and a slice of orange, serve immediately. To infuse the Grand Marnier steep the teabags in the chosen alcohol for at least 12 hours and then add sugar syrup to taste.


Christmas Chai Cocktail

Warm up in style this winter with Joe’s soul soothing chai. Rich and flavoursome, welcome to the ultimate Christmas indulgence.

50ml Baileys
75ml brewed Christmas Chai using 4 teabags
2 tsp. brown sugar
Cinnamon stick

Brew a 4-cup teapot of Christmas Chai using four teabags. Add two teaspoons of brown sugar and stir until dissolved. Fill a mug with the tea and add 50ml Baileys and stir with a cinnamon stick. Put your slippers on, grab a pew in front of the fire and drink whilst warm.


G&Tea Cocktail

A take on the traditional tipple, Joe’s ‘G&Tea Cocktail’ is the perfect festive alternative to this classic drink.

50ml Gin
Chilled Earl of Grey tea
Sugar Syrup
Squeeze of lemon

Pour the gin over a good amount of ice in a tumbler sized glass and top up with the chilled Earl of Grey tea. Add a dash of sugar syrup and a squeeze of lemon to taste. Stir well and garnish with a thinly sliced round of lemon.



Fit for a king, Royal-Tea is both elegant and delicious, and perfect for special occasions.

50ml Zubrowka Vodka
50ml Chilled Earl of Grey tea
Apple Juice
Squeeze of lime

Pour the vodka over a good amount of ice into in tumbler sized glass, add the chilled Earl of Grey and top up with the apple juice. Add a good squeeze of lime and garnish with a thinly sliced lime round. To chill the Earl of Grey simply brew 6-8 teabags in 2 litres of boiling water and brew according to the packet instructions. Remove teabags and allow tea to cool to room temperature before chilling.

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