Chris Brown Tweet war with Cher

Chris Brown is the latest celebrity to take to twitter to spark a war. A tweet that was taken down (standard practise for a tweet war these days) was a tweet aimed at singer Cher after she went on a twitter rant slamming Mitt Romney and Barak Obama.

From the looks of the below, Chris must be a fan of Twitter.
What happened to speaking like adults? What would Biggie and Tupac have done if Twitter was around when they were at war #thatswhyIf**kedyob**chyoufatmotherf***er, #eastside # Westside.
It seems everyone is brave on twitter but wonder what would happen if all these people got into the same room.

it would be great if they had a twitter battle only using their own song titles…

Cher: Chris you are a gypsy, tramp and a theif

Chris: Well excuse me miss, you are not a beautiful people (you get the drift.
Check out the deleted tweet below: