Celebrations for Beyonce and Jay-Z – Blue Ivy Carter

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Carter on the birth of their new daughter Blue Ivy Carter.

Beyoncé gave birth at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York on Saturday 7th January.

Most dads spend the first few days not leaving their new child’s side, however Jay-Z found time to record a new track to celebrate the birth of his daughter called ‘Glory’

Jay-Z posted the song to his website Life + Times on Monday (January 9). The track features audio from Blue Ivy that was recorded shortly after her birth and tells the story of her conception, suggesting that Beyoncé suffered a miscarriage prior to conceiving Blue Ivy.

The baby’s cries can be heard at the end of the track.

It was rumoured that they hired out the whole floor of the hospital for the birth. I guess he must have taken a mini recording studio with him?

Wonder what cigar he smoked to celebrate??

Anyway check out the track here