Celebrate the Bicentenary of Noilly Prat (its a drink!)

When you get a moment you might want to consider raising a glass of Noilly Prat Original Dry L’Apértif and if you really want to go all out grab some oysters to complement. Why? Because 200 years of French Tradition is a pretty big deal!


For those of you unfamiliar with Noilly Prat let us introduce you to one of the world’s finest French vermouths. It’s crafted in the South of France by the sea and based on a secret recipe from 1813. Noilly Prat Original Dry is created using around 20 herbs and spices carefully sourced from around the world. The unique outdoor ageing process and the savoir-faire of the Maître de Chai ensure that the taste of Noilly Prat Original Dry is preserved from generation to generation.

September marked the Bicentenary of Noilly Prat, so join us in celebrating 200 years of production of one of the world’s finest French vermouths. In all honesty its hard to argue with its light and delicate taste especially when simply served over ice with a twist of lemon and paired with oysters and a fine Romon Allones Petit Belicoso UK Regional Edition 2012 cigar.

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Did you know the home of Noilly Prat overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and sits on the Etang de Thau, the largest sea- lake along the Languedoc coast?! Well now you do! The area is considered one of the most impressive regions for producing some of the best oysters in France, the ‘Huîtres de Bouzigues’.

The unique taste of Noilly Prat Original Dry has a floral nose, citrus notes and a long, herbal finish that perfectly complements the creaminess of its neighbouring oysters.

September signals the start of the French oyster season with oysters being a festive staple as an alternative to starters or canapés, making them the perfect seasonal accompaniment to the Noilly Prat Original Dry L’Apéritif. Santé!


International Brand Ambassador for Noilly Prat, Ludovic Miazga, comments, “L’Apéritif with oysters is the ultimate French way of enjoying Noilly Prat Original Dry. With its complex blend of some of the world’s finest herbs and spices, being simply served over ice and with oysters will send you on a journey to the South of France.


The story of Noilly Prat begins on the weather-beaten, wooden sailing ships of the 19th century, which crossed the oceans of the world with a cargo that included casks of wine. Fully exposed on deck to the full force of the natural elements, the wines were aged in a unique way over these long journeys, deepening their colour and creating a more pronounced and powerful taste.

Having discovered this unique ageing process at sea, Joseph Noilly was inspired to age wines outdoors over four seasons. To this very day the same technique is still used to create the unique taste and character of Noilly Prat Original Dry.





2 parts Noilly Prat Original Dry vermouth Twist of lemon

1. Add ice into the wine glass

2. Pour the Noilly Prat Original Dry over ice and stir once

3. Take the peel of a lemon and squeeze over the glass

4. Garnish with the twist of lemon and serve with oysters

Noilly Prat Original Dry is available from major supermarkets at £11.99. Become a fan on Facebook: La Maison Noilly Prat Follow us on Twitter: NoillyPrat