Bombay Sapphire Gin: The Imagination Series

Normally when talking about Tribeca its not too far behind that someone will mention of one of our favourite cigar-smoking rappers, Jay Z. See we’ve just done it ourselves! However on this occasion its not about him (maybe don’t tell Mr Carter that), we want to talk about one of our other great loves at Cut The Cap, film (mixed with alcohol) and more specially the Tribeca Film Festival 2014…

Bombay Sapphire in association with Tribeca Film Festival (see, film and alcohol side by side), has announced the four winners of the Bombay Sapphire Imagination Series: Film competition. The competition offers budding filmmakers the chance to realise their own short film, using their imagination to interpret a short film script created by Academy Award winner Geoffrey Fletcher.

Now in its second year, Bombay Sapphire and Geoffrey Fletcher assembled a cross section of imaginative heavy weights from the world of film to judge the entries, which featured Academy Award winning actor, Adrien Brody; screenwriter and film director, Lucy Mulloy; screenwriter, Naomi Foner; actor, Peter Facinelli; and senior curator at Vimeo, Sam Morrill, who between them selected nine films for their originality and imagination.

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 14.30.46

The UK winners are:

·       Anthony Khaseria, a screenwriter from London, for his film ‘Reflections’

·       Chris Cornwell, a screenwriter from London, for his film ‘Exit Log’

Academy Award winning screenwriter Geoffrey Fletcher commented on the competition: “At a time when it’s difficult for new voices and creative visions to find funding and broad exposure, Bombay Sapphire is providing a platform and launch pad for new stories to be told on screen. We hope the films we create inspire audiences and are as resonate as they are imaginative.”

Academy Award winner Adrien Brody said, “The range of creativity of the entries we received to the Bombay Sapphire Imagination Series Film competition this year was vast, making it extremely difficult to distil into only four winners. Regardless, I hope for many it was a motivational experience and I believe we’ve uncovered some exciting new talent who we hope will go on to make an impact within the film industry. I’m very much looking forward to seeing how we bring the winners imaginations to life through film on the big screen in April.”

With imagination at the heart of both Bombay Sapphire and filmmaking, the competition looks to explore endless creativity and the brand’s belief in the power of imagination and that it can take you anywhere.

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As of Monday, Bombay Sapphire is giving members of the general public the chance to vote for a fifth film to be made through its open vote selection. By visiting a vote can be cast, with the winning film announced on 14 November 2013.

And the best news is that every person that votes will be entered into a draw to win a 3-day trip to NYC including tickets to Tribeca Film Festival 2014 so it’s definitely worth it! Our message – VOTE VOTE VOTE!

The UK wild cards are:

·       Giles Borg, UK‘The Search’ is a drama about a man who fears he’s the last man left on earth. He employs an old computer terminal, BOB, to scan CCTV footage for other signs of life. BOB finds other humans but, being lonely himself, does not tell John, who leaves, hopeless.

·       Effie Woods, UK‘Cutie Pie’ is a comedy about a man, Peter, who returns home to find he has been bought an adorable kitten by Maggie. Peter wants Maggie to return it when the kitten destroys the house. Despite their efforts to shake off the little monster, it continues to haunt them.

The winners will now participate in producing and directing their own individual films, which will be premiered in early 2014. To see the winners and hear more about their films and experiences during the production process visit