Bolivar Emiratos – UAE Exclusive cigars

I’ve just got back from Dubai and have loads of cigar related tales from the big sandpit.

First up, I picked up a box of Bolivar Emiratos, which were released in February 2011 and exclusively distributed by “Mohebi Group” the owners of La Casa Del Habanos across the Middle East, running Casa Del Habanos in Dubai, Oman, Iran and suppliers of Qatar.

The cigars cone in box’s of 10s and are an impressive 6 1/2 inches long with a 54 ring guage
I’ve read a few reviews and have all been good so looking forward to lighting this bad boy up. I didn’t get the chance to smoke one while I was in Dubai so am taking a chance with a box of 10.

However being a big fan of Belicosos finos and gold medals, I know I’m not going to be disappointed.

As soon I get a chance, I’ll stick up a review for you all.

La Casa Del Habanos is located along the Dubai Marina opposite the Ritz Carlton and offer some great cigars at very low prices.