Beyoncé & JayZ release Run – Fake Movie Trailer

The internet literally blew up yesterday (OK so maybe not literally) with the release of the new Jay Z and Beyoncé music video /fake movie trailer / mini movie for the track Part 2: On The Run which is the follow up to their 2002 hit Bonnie Clyde.

The video doesn’t actually feature the full song but does star a few celebrity friends including Sean Penn, Don Cheadle, Jake Gyllenhaal, Blake Lively and a host of others.

The video seems to just show Beyoncé and Jay Z run riot with guns, cigars, D’usse Cognac and guns.

We can only assume this is what Jay Z’s was thinking when he was in the lift.

We can’t make out what the cigars are but assume they are Comador cigars due to Jay Z’s partnership with the cigar brand.

Part 2: On The Run features of Jay Z’s latest album, Magna Carter.. Holy Grail.

We like it so enjoy: