Beats by Dre + Rose Club + CÎROC Vodka = Partytime!

If you were lucky enough to be in London’s West End on Friday good for you. If you were even luckier though you would have been at the Rose Club. And if you’d been EVEN luckier still you would have been partying with American rap superstar, Dr. Dre… Say what now??

Yep Dr. Dre attended celebrity haunt Rose Club in London’s West End. A plethora of names from both sides of the Atlantic came to celebrate the launch of Dr. Dre’s Solo headphones – which are now available in new colourways; Kendrick Lamar, DJ Shortee Blitz, Rizzle Kicks,Fazer and Nick Grimshaw all enjoyed themselves whilst the hottest music acts in the world performed intimate sets to Cut The Cap oh and the other partygoers who attended.

DJ Shortee Blitz got the crowd going with a lively set, spinning the decks and getting all the everyone hitting the dance floor in homage to Dr. Dre, a number of old school hits were blared out, and upon Dre’s arrival, the dancing stopped whilst all the guests strained to see the hip-hop legend.

Nick Grimshaw, who was in attendance, exclaimed that not many people make him starstruck, but infront of Dre, he is in complete awe! Having napped all afternoon after his breakfast show, he also said how he could now have a late one and really enjoy the night.

Cheeky chappys Rizzle Kicks, also could not hide their admiration for the Hip-Hop legend, expressing their excitement at seeing him in the flesh!

Closing out the night, Kendrick Lamar, fresh from his debut album success, wowed the crowd with a number of hits – whilst Dr. Dre looked on enthusiastically for the duration of his performance.

Beats By Dre founders, Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine had earlier in the day paid a visit to the Beats by Dr. Dre #SHOWYOURCOLOUR photo booth in Covent Garden. The booth had come to London for one day only as part of a tour to find the stars of the next Beats Solo HD TV advert. Now in more relaxed surroundings, both seemed to be enjoying the moment whilst chatting and joking with friends inside the Rose Club.

P.Diddy didn’t miss out on the action either as everyone enjoy his Ultra Premium Vodka in 3 difference gises… Ciroc Royal, The Ultimate Ciroc, South Beach Sunrise