Bad Toys 2 – The Movie

Adam Sandler has announced that his Happy Madison team are looking to produce a big screen version of the French viral video ‘Bad Toys 2’

The video was created and directed by Daniel Brunet and Nicolas Douste and appeared on YouTube earlier this year, racking up 60,000 views already (this will no doubt increase now)

The film uses a combination of live-action, comic book panels and CGI to depict a car chase among toys, spoofing a Bad Boys 2 Michael Bay-style chase scene.

Its reported that the new big-screen version will focus on a grown man who reconnects with the imagination of his youth via his son’s toys, turning their play time into an homage to big-budget action films.

I dont know about you guys but after watching this film, you may feel the sudden urge to bring out your old toys and start playing

Check out the video below: