Bacardi Facundo Rum to Launch in Miami and New York

Sometimes it’s great living here in the good old UK because we get Cuban cigars, Fish and Chips, and a full English breakfast.

Today however is not one of those days with the news that after several years in development, the Bacardi Rum company last week announced the Facundo Rum Collection, a limited set of four very high quality aged rums will be released for the luxury market.

Named after company founder Don Facundo Bacardi Massó, these hand-crafted rums are intended to appeal to upscale Scotch and Cognac enthusiasts, with limited initial distribution in New York and Miami. (See what we mean?)

Bacardi Global Master Blender Manny Oliver left and Chairman Facundo L. Bacardi

According to we are told the new line starts with Neo at around $45, a clear spirit aged up to eight years, featuring a rich texture that brings tones of fruit, floral notes and oak to classic cocktails.

The range continues with Eximo at around $60, featuring a blend of aged rum marques matured together for ten years in American oak, offering a medium to heavy bodied spirit with hints of walnut and vanilla.
You then have the Exquisito ($90) expertly crafted from seven to 23 year old rums, a fine sipper finished in sherry casks for rich tones of dark dried fruit, baking spices and toasted oak.

At the top of the tree you have the Paraíso, suggesting a paradisiacal experience on the palate, a description that does not disappoint. At $250 a bottle, the ultimate Facundo luxury rum is a masterful blend of the family’s finest reserves, matured up to 23 years and finished in Cognac casks with luscious notes of raisin, cloves and cinnamon, vanilla custard and a long warm finish.

When Bacardi family members get together to dine or share after-dinner cigars, we are told they sip exclusive, aged rums poured from their private reserves, and now we are fortunate to see some of that beautiful rum released to the public.

Facundo L. Bacardi, great great-grandson of founder Don Facundo and chairman of Bermuda-based Bacardi Limited had the following to say on the new rums:

“Rum aficionados, rum drinkers are going to be surprised with the flavor profiles of these rums,”

During a party celebrating the company’s 150th anniversary last year in Puerto Rico, the family decided to launch the collection. Now in its eighth generation, the family counts about 600 members.

“The 150th anniversary celebration was a time of introspection and reflection for family members,” Facundo L. Bacardi said. “There was a consensus that now is the time to share this with our customers.”

So if you are heading to either Miami or New York, be on the lookout for these bad boys. CTC have already briefed a friend to bring a bottle back from Miami, so if we get our hands on some, we will be sure to share our thoughts on the rums.

Find out more about the Bacardi Facundo rum collection here

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