Bacardi at Rumfest 2011

A real surprise for Cut the Cap was trying the Bacardi OakHeart. I’d been hearing about this rum for a while now and recently blogged about it, so was looking forward to trying it at Rumfest 2011.

The great thing about Rumfest (as well as the free rum) is the fact that you get to discover first-hand the good rum from the bad rum. (and trust us, there was some bad rums there)

After a few shoddy rums, we made our way to the Bacardi area where we met Dolph who comes from the actual family of Bacardi.

We had a chat and he poured us a glass of the new Oakhaeart. Traditionally I’m not a fan of spiced rum, however this rum was fantastic.

Very smooth in flavour, I was getting hints of caramel coming through, leaving me wanting more. Dolph then kindly let us try the Oak & Coke (OakHeart and Cola) and I’ve got to say, I actually preferred this to a Cuba Libre.

After a chat, Dolph brought out the big guns, the Bacardi 8 year. This was the stuff dreams are made of. Full of flavour and smooth all the way down. This was a real showstopper for us as it ticked all the boxes. it had aa smokey wooden hint to it, along with a long finish ont he taste buds.

I’d have to say, if I was doing a blind taste test, I would have placed this rum in a higher bracket than the £25 average price. I will certainly be stocking up on this.

For a cigar like a Bolivar or a Hoyo De Monterrey, I’d recommend the rum as a great pairing.

Check out the Bacardi Facebook page for more info on the OakHeart.