Grooming On Demand at the Aveda Pop-Up Barbershop

Let’s be honest for a second gents, in today’s day and age it pays to be well groomed. Sure rough and ready can look good but well-groomed is better, well we think so anyway. Tends to suit that cigar you’re holding.

With this in mind we are pleased to say that back by popular demand, this November sees the return of the exclusive Aveda Men Pop-up Barbershop – offering grooming services on-the-go to get you Christmas ready. Yes we mentioned the C-word, sorry but it was going to happen sooner or later.

When there you’ll discover a haven of gentlemanly calm amid the hustle and bustle and shopping mayhem. And, just to take the edge off, while you are enjoying your grooming on demand service, you can enjoy a festive beverage on Aveda! It will be sure to complement your moment of calm so you can sit back and relax… Aveda style. Rumour has it it will be a Christmas drink available as alcoholic and non-alcoholic as the mood dictates.

Aveda Grooming

Situated just minutes away from key shopping destinations and dare we say some of the best bars in London (wink wink), the Aveda Pop-up Barbershop offers grooming services on demand that can easily be shoehorned into your diary – whether it be a break from the shopping or a quick fix-up from the (albeit early) office to the festivities, choose from one of three services, or indeed throw caution to the wind and have all three! From a slick hair fix and head massage, an on-the-go facial refresh (this is acceptable), or a good old traditional shave, one thing is for sure, you will emerge feeling suitably groomed and ready for whatever cigar you decide to smoke to say well done to yourself for being a 21st Century Man.

Festive Grooming On Demand Service Menu (Aveda’s words not ours in this bit!)

Festive Hair Fix (45 mins):
Enjoy an Aveda stress-relieving head and shoulder massage with a blend of essential oils, followed by a botanical scalp detox, cleanse, condition, cut and style, and in just 45 minutes it fits perfectly into your lunch break so that you waste no time in heading straight to the bar from the office.
Smooth and Soothe (45mins):
A traditional cut throat-shave using the Aveda Men natural shave and skincare system. Enjoy soothing hot towels, a rejuvenating exfoliation and a perfectly smooth close shave finish, ideal for any close encounters coming your way.
Ready & Refresh (20mins):
A combination of a rejuvenating and energising facial exfoliation, followed by natural skin therapy to hydrate, renew and recharge in just 20 minutes. A perfect pick-me-up the morning after the night before…

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Aveda Pop-up Barbershop: Wednesday 20th November– Saturday 30th November 2013 (Closed Mon,Tues & Sunday)