Appleton Estate Rum & Romeo y Julieta Petit Churchill At Nola Bar

Last week we took ourselves east of the capital for an evening of Appleton Estate rum paired with a Romeo y Julieta Petit Churchill cigar hosted by the fine folk at Shoreditch’s Nola Bar.

Tucked away on Rivington Street this cocktail bar has gained lots of attention since opening with their extensive cocktails as well as the fact they have a smoking terrace. (we’re sold)

Romeo y Julieta - Petit Churchill Hunters and Frankau

We joined them for their monthly cigar club to enjoy a Romeo y Julieta Petit Churchill which was paired with a selection of Appleton Estate rums, chosen by Appleton Estate’s brand ambassador.

Kicking off the proceedings friend of Cut The Cap Mark from Hunters & Frankau introduced the cigar and explained the history behind the cigar, how it got its name as well as the flavour profile you would expect from the cigar.

Appleton Estate - Bottles Nola Bar


having recently started loving the Petit Churchills older brother (the Wide Churchill) I was really excited to get my lips around this bad boy (that sounds so wrong)

Ali – brand ambassador for Appleton Estate was also on hand to discuss the history of the rum as well as take us through the flavour profile on what to expect, and why it was matched with the cigar choice.

Romeo y Julieta - Petit Churchill cigars

Drink wise we kicked off with an Appleton Estate El Presidente cocktail made using the VX, and then from there we moved onto the Appleton Estate 8 year, served neat while Ali took us through the flavour profile.

Appleton Estate - El Presidente


The Pairing

What I love about the Romeo y Julieta is the oak and spice notes that I get so when paired with the rum with similar flavours but with added notes of fruit and a burnt orange, it paired really well.

Romeo y Julieta - Petit Churchill first third

For me, the 12 year was the winner. You had all the signature flavours from the 8 year but with more depth. For a bottle that RRP’s at around £35 it’s definitely a bottle I will be investing in over Christmas.

Ali was also kind enough to whip us up a Appleton Estate Old Fashioned, so we could see how versatile the rum can be as a sipping rum as well as a cocktail based spirit.

Appleton Estate- Romeo y Julieta Cigar Pairing

The Romeo y Julieta is Petit Churchill is a cigar I would recommend for those in colder climate countries where you don’t have the time and weather to smoke a larger cigar, like the wide churchill for example.

Romeo y Julieta -Petit Churchill

At 4 inches the cigar carries a 50″ ring gauge making it short but able to stand up for itself – a bit like Jason Statham. If you are in the market for an aged rum I would recommend the 12 year as a sipping rum to pair with cigars.

Appleton Estate - Cigar Pairing
Nola bar is located on Rivington street and is a great bar to visit, especially as their terrace is heated and they offer a great selection of cocktails made by their talented staff.
They also have a humidor so if you forget your smokes, you can always pick one up.

Nola Bar Humidor

Cigar Brand: Romeo y Julieta
Vitola: Petit Churchill
Length: 4″
Ring Gauge: 50
Country: Cuba
Price: Around £12

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