Anchorman 2: The Legend of Ron Burgundy – Premiere and Review


Last week we were cordially invited to one of THE biggest premieres in all of movie history*. The movie was called Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.

*Fact Checker was not available

If you read CTC regularly you will know that Anchorman is one of our favourite films so with the news that came last year that they were putting on the suits once again, we were both excited but also worried.

Was this Hollywood cashing in on something and milking it like they did with The Hangover trilogy? As news broke over the months leading up, we could feel that the film was gaining momentum and we were in for a treat.

First Harrison Ford was spotted on set, then Kanye West and Drake – the latter not installing confidence in us at all.

Cut to Premiere night and we were as excited as Olivia Newton John at the end of Grease.

Tell me about it Stud? I hear you ask… well OK!

Anchorman2 Perms

We donned our finest clothes made for an earl and strutted our stuff down the Burgundy carpet, perfectly timed as the cast were working the carpet.

Having been to the Mandela premiere the week before, we can say the security was tighter here. That could be because Will Ferrell is 1/8th royal*

*Fact Checker was still not available

We took our seats inside and chowed down on some tango popping candy and popcorn while we waited for the cast to introduce the movie.

As the cast made their way into the cinema we were in awe of their aura’s that surrounded them. It was said that you could almost see their angel halo’s hovering above their heads as they came into the crowd and decided to touch everyone…. we were in the middle so didn’t get to touch them.

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The Review

We see the film picking up 10 years after the last film. Ron is in New York working with his wife Veronica Corningstone (played by Christina Applegate) when things turn sour and Ron is forced to re-connect with the news team to take on a new twist in television news at a channel called GNN that thinks there is a place for 24 hour news!

With a RV full of unnecessary items, they hit the road and take on New York with their usual antics and hilarious 1 liners.

First up, let’s set the record straight, this will NEVER be the original Anchorman – that’s a given! However the film still delivers as a sequel with more memorable lines than you can shake s handsome stick at!

The biggest worry going into the film was “will it be the same?” “will they recycle all the gags?” and the answer to all of those questions.. HELL NO!

The Film stands up for itself and if you disagree we will knock you face off!

Some reviews that have surfaced have criticised the fact that the 1 liners aren’t as memorable as the first film, however if they remember correctly the first film was a cult hit, thus the 1 liners weren’t actually famous until the film developed its cult following, so give it time!

We don’t want to give away too much but there are some incredible cameo’s that they have managed to sneak under the radar, so when you are sitting down in the cinema with a glass of Scotch* get ready for one hell of a ride my man…or woman!

*Scotch may not be available in the cinema – where’s that damn fact checker?

We give the film a ‘4 scotch’s out of 5’

4 scotches

Following the film, we were lucky to get into the exclusive after party where we met the cast, Judd Apatow, Leslie Man and randomly Olly Murs and Darius from Popstars (don’t ask)

At this point we would like to say Judd Apatow was a gentlemen and a friendly guy, we spoke for a while about the movies, us starring in his next movie*, what we do for a living and Jazz! …no lie, we did talk about Jazz!

*god dam it where is that fact checker!

Anchorman 2: The Legend of Ron Burgundy is in cinemas December 18th and it will be a miraculous occasion.

The film stars Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, Steve Carell, David Koechner, Christina Applegate, Megan Good, James Marsden, Kristen Wigg and a whole host of other stars we can’t mention.

Will there be a part 3? If its anything like part 2, we hope so!

Here are some pics from the premiere and after party: