Amy Adams is hot and she’s also in The Fighter

OK so which one do we write about first, girl or film, girl or film? Hmmm, on the toss of a coin it’s gone to girl– thank you coin flipping gods.
Amy Adams isn’t your typical Hollywood gal – she started out working at a bar that we haven’t been to and definitely don’t have a lifetime membership to, Hooters. Admittedly this was only for 3 weeks but still, if offered we’d have no problem with her being our waitress.
This is normally where we’d insert and picture of Amy doing said job but after many many hours searching the interweb we turned up nothing. So instead we gonna run with this rather fine image and hope it goes some way to making up for our short comings as a picture researcher.

If like us you’re thinking I know this girl, you’d be right, you do. Well obviously not personally but she has popped up in a number of box office films including Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, Doubt (that one about the Catholic Church) and Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian where Adams shows that the rear is as good as up front.

Fast forward to present times and she’s added a Disney Princess, singing at the Oscars, 2 Academy Award nominations and 2 Golden Globe nominations to her CV, not bad from someone whose only been on the acting radar for the last 5 years.
The latest of her Academy Award nominations is for The Fighter in which she plays Charlene Fleming the hard hitting (literally) love-interest of for Mark Wahlberg. We say: Mark Wahlberg is a lucky man. We doubt this quote will make it onto the film posters or in the short list for quote-of-the-year but a note on the film too – its bloody brilliant!

Parting shot for you to ponder… have you notice how much Amy Adams looks like another Cut The Cap favourite, Isla Fisher?

No? Maybe we should lay of the coffee for a bit.