Regius Cigars and Callum Jones Begin Private Blending

There is a lot £40,000 can get you in the current climate:

  • Deposit on a house
  • 1 crazy night in Las Vegas
  • Or double if you like roulette

However, one young man is doing something that is pretty much a dream come true

We reported earlier this year that millionaire Callum Jones purchased the £40,000 Regius cigar from Turmeaus Tobacconist, and we have just heard he has recently touched down in Nicaragua to enjoy the spoils that come with his purchase.

Akhil Kapacee from Regius has welcomed Callum to Nicaragua where he will spend a week “blending and making his own private cigar, and taking in the country”.

We’re told Callum was visibly excited by the prospect of undertaking such an adventure with the Regius brand and Mr. Kapacee.

As mentioned previously, Callum will spend time with Akhil blending a private line of 1,000 cigars for Mr. Jones private collection, to his tastes and specifications.

Callum was offered a welcome drink at the VIP lounge at Managua’s Augusto Sandino International Airport, before being driven to Esteli, the “cigar capital” of Nicaragua. (Added to holiday hit list)

We were informed his drink of choice on arrival was a Kir Royale, a popular aperitif made by mixing champagne and crème de cassis.

Callum Jones Nicaragua Regius Cigars

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