Herman Ze German Presents: ‘WILLY’S’ – Ze Brand new pop-up cocktail bar!

In celebration of Germany’s best-loved festival, Oktoberfest and the capital’s biggest cocktail party, London Cocktail Week, superb sausage suppliers Herman ze German have joined forces with Elephant Gin and The Candlelight Club, creating a pop-up German Cocktail bar in ze basement of their Charlotte Street Shop – ‘Willy’s’.

Willy’s will be uniquely focussing on purely German ingredients, spirits and wines, providing customers with a very different take on the cocktail sausage featuring a ‘Trans Euro Express’, the ‘Berliner’ or a ‘A Forest Black Mighty’. To find out more information head to facebook.com/hermanzegerman.

Onto ze cocktails… the cocktail menu is designed by award winning bartender, Herr Chris Lacey, formerly of Rules (The Telegraph – Top 10 Bars) and The Connaught Bar (#11, World’s 50 Best Bars). Chris – responsible for making one of the ‘Top Five Martini’s In London’ (Metro) – has used his über impressive knowledge of premium spirits and combinations to create a menu fit for the most discerning cocktail drinker. What a super mensch! Alongside there will be a selection of still and sparkling German wines provided by connoisseurs Berry Bros & Rudd, who distribute to the finest London restaurants.


Willy’s open now until October 14th serving cocktails from 4pm ’til midnight in ze basement bar of their Charlotte Street branch. Herman ze German have also worked with their brewery in the Black Forrest to create a very special take on the strong and tasty Oktoberfest Bier with a very limited amount available across the month so make sure you head down ASAP. Accompanying these fine refreshments will of course be Herman ze German’s mouth-watering food menu featuring the finest cuts from their home town whether the famous currywurst, the fone selection of gluten and lactose free wurst, ze brand new Schnitzel Burger menu and much more. Let’s fetz!

ze Cocktail Menu

Never Forget Martini
Elephant Gin, Belsazar Dry Vermouth, Orange Bitters

Elephant Gin, Elderflower, Lemon, Weiss Beer

Silver Bullet
Elephant Gin, Kummel, Lemon

A Forest Mighty Black
Elephant Gin, Morello Cherry, Chocolate

Dunkel Beer Syrup, Rittenhouse Rye, Walnut Bitters

Trans Europe Express
Stroh 80 Rum, Espresso, Toussaint Coffee

Das Berliner
Asbach Brandy, Belsazar Red, Vermouth Walnut Bitters

Asbach Brandy, Chocolate, Fennel

Sekt Sparkling Wine, Strawberries, Lemon, Woodruff


Herman ze German’s dishes are made from the finest produce and ingredients, all wurst are gluten & lactose-free featuring the Bratwurst, Chilli Beef and Bockwurst from their award-winning butcher in the beautiful Black Forrest and the new ze Schnitzel Burger menu with meat sourced from Turner and George who deliver high quality rare breed meat. Not-only-this, Herman’s famous Currywurst and the new Vegetarian Wurst are also on the menu. All sausages are grilled to perfection served with toppings of choice including sauerkraut and delicious crispy onions. The food menu is paired with an extensive beer list featuring rare and exclusive brews from native Germany including Herman’s very own Market Brew, a unfiltered Kellerbier (4.8%) in Herman’s ze Basement Bar in Charlotte Street.