Te Amo – Cuba Blend

While on holiday I thought I’d try some Mexican cigars to see If they were any good. I already own a box of Te Amo Number 4’s which are ok but couldn’t help but pick up a Te Amo Cuba Blend Robusto.

Usually I’m a bit dubious when a non Cuban Cigar claims to have a Cuban blend. It’s like an elephant calling itself a mouse. It’s not from Cuba! (Does that make me a snob?)

However part of me wanted to give it a chance….and it paid off!

I was out at a nightclub called sweet and decided to visit their outdoor area and spark up.

The cigar was very smooth and had a silky taste, not bitter at all, which reminded me of a Monte Cristo Number 2.

It was a nice mild cigar, with lots of flavour, leaving a nice after taste.

For $7 I think it was well worth it. I even went back and purchased a few more for my cigar smoking family.

Te Amo is Mexico’s biggest Cigar Company and the tobacco is grown in Mexico’s famous San Andres Valley. Te-Amos are handmade by people who have been cigar makers for generations.