Rumfest 2011 – Ron De Jeremy

As part of the Rumfest festivities I was honoured to be allowed access (no puns intended) to the legend that is Ron Jeremy.

Mr Jeremy was at Rumfest to talk about his rum cleverly called Ron de Jeremy. I managed to catch up with him for 5 minutes where we discussed everything from how Ron got involved in the rum, to cigars, to LMFAO starring in one of his videos, all the while dropping in as many puns as we could.

What was interesting to know was that once upon a time, Ron even had his own line of cigars!

I’m currently editing the video, but we also got to sample the rum and it was a fantastic rum, perfect for a pairing with a cigar.
Ron was there all day taking pictures and signing bottles of rum for buyers.

I’ll stick the interview up soon, but for now more info about Ron De Jeremy can be found here