10 Manchester Street Hotel – Bolivar Petit Belicoso

On Friday myself and fellow blogger Ethem decided to tick another Cigar terrace off the list and this time we opted for 10 Manchester Street Hotel.

Nestled quietly behind the Selfridges area, the hotel was small in size and very boutique.

The reception was most welcoming as he pointed us to the cigar terrace, where we were greeted by a waiter who showed us to our seats.

The terrace was much smaller than other terraces, however it felt very intimate and closed off from the hustle and bustle of Central London.
I opted for the Bolivar Petit Belicoso.

I’ve smoked the Belicoso finos and fell in love with them, so wanted to see how the younger brother was.

The cigar lit perfectly and from the first pull, I was getting all the aromas I was looking for.

The wrapper was dark, almost dark chocolaty full bodied and full of flavour.

Occasionally when I smoke cigars I find myself smoking them until my fingers burns from the heat…..this was one of those occasions

I paired the cigar with a classic mojito..naturally

The staff were very friendly, the prices were not too bad and the atmosphere was perfect. All in all a great night