Zoo Man 127 hours in a window update

After work last night I thought I’d check in on my mate Luke who has been set the challenge of living 127 hours in a HMV shop window to celebrate the release of 127 Hours.

When I got there the clock was on 80 hours, and he looked like it was starting to really mess with his head.

However, I noticed his area has started to turn into a 15 year olds bedroom! There were copies of zoo magazine everywhere (even a signed copy from Girls Roc) lots of tissues (apparently that’s for wiping the board…hmmmmmmm)

To add to the list, cans of Lynx dry from where the Lynx girls came down to wash him, Sure deodorant and even a scalextric set.

To make it worse, I spoke before about how he was wearing a pair of Nooka Sunglasses that I loved and now he’s sporting a yellow SpongeBob Squarepants Nooka Watch…and rubbing it in my face

He thinks he’s brave on the other side of that glass…the cheeky bugger…wait till Friday! lol

I think its going to be hard to get him out!

Zoo Man is doing this in order to raise money for Everyman Male Cancer. He can be sponsored here.

You can also keep upto date with him on twitter and send him challenges here

I’ve challenged him to do the Party Rock Shuffle, so lets see…