Wonder Woman Comic-Con Trailer Slams In

Arguably the greatest thing to come from Batman Vs Superman this year had to be the big screen appearance of Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot.

A big scree adaptation has been talked about for years, and even a small screen version got made (which never got aired), but finally Gal Gadot is here and she looks kick ass.

Footage has been released online but a new trailer dropped at Comic-Con and it’s looks amazing.

Wonder Woman will work as an origin story, showing Diane in her native Amazonia when American Pilot Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine washes ashore and thus the adventure begins.

The trailer shows Diane in full fight mode and in my opinion, is the jewel in the crown in DC’s arsenal. Plus Gal Gadot looks the full part even with her lasso of truth and full Wonder Woman attire.

Wonder Woman is set for Summer 2017 and we will be lining up to see this.