VIDEO: Woman Pays $20,000 To Get 3 Breasts

WTF is what usually springs to mind with a title like that, however it’s actually true (well she had 2 to begin with, she just paid for the 3rd.

Jasmine Tridevil has spent $20,000 on surgery to get an extra boob because she wants to work in TV (not sure how that works but ok!!!)

She reports it was an uphill struggle having asked between 50 and 60 doctors until one decided to do it!

She saved for 2 years apparently but now has 3 breasts which she seems to like flaunting, although her reason for them was she wanted to be UNattractive to men.

Not sure if she has every actually met a man, but surely the thought of a woman with 3 breasts is an ever bigger target?

Anyway, judging by this video you can tell she really doesn’t want to be seen as attractive to men (Please add sarcasm to this sentence)

FYI –  is that cage in the background?