UK Time Changes

So the UK’s new tourism strategy have proposed to have British summer time move forward from 1 hour to 2 hours in a bid to create more tourism.

The benefits allegedly will be an extra 235 hours of daylight after work every year and deliver benefits including 100 fewer deaths from road crashes annually.

It would also purportedly save £200m a year for the NHS because of fewer accidents, boost British tourism revenue by £3.5bn and reduce carbon dioxide emissions through people leaving lights and heating off, it is claimed.

Yes – that’s what’s going to make people want to visit the UK – 1 extra hour of sunlight! Seriously?

Forget the fact that everything is too dam expensive, and Public transport never works…As long as we get 1 extra hour of sunlight (which I’m 90% sure will be grey anyway) tourism will be boosted!!

I hope I’m not being thick but if your moving it forward 2 hours in summer, surely you need to move time back 2 hours in winter and thus cancelling any savings from the summer?

There goes the Carbon dioxide emissions statement!