Top 5 Father’s Day Cigars

Seeing as Father’s Day is creeping up, we thought we would put together our top 5 cigars to buy your dad this year.

Trying to select 5 cigars is like choosing your favourite child but we did extensive research to bring you the 5 Daddy of cigars for Father’s Day. 

1 – Montecristo Double Edmundo

Montecristo Double Edmundo
Released last year this cigar is the latest edition to the Montecristo family measuring in at 6 inches with a 50 ring gauge this is definitely something your dad will need time in the garden for. Perfect if he is heading out for a round of golf, this is a long term commitment. From initial smokes we have had we’d recommend letting the cigar age for a while.

Available at for £18.99 for a single cigar.

2 – Hoyo De Monterrey Double Corona


They don’t get much longer than this measuring in at 7 5/8 Inches and a 49 ring gauge, we call this the ‘celebration cigar’.

A light cigar with a floral flavour offering hints of sweet woods and traces of leather. If you purchase this for your dad for Father’s day, we’d say give him a few hours to smoke it.

This cigar gets better as you smoke it and a great gift to show someone how much you love them.

Available at for £19.99 for a single cigar. 

3 – Bolivar Belicosos Finos


There was no way we couldn’t include the Bolivar Belicosos Finos in our top 5. A smaller cigar in comparison to the last 2 cigars but on par with quality. This 5 ½ inch cigar with a 52 ring gauge is a little punchier than the others offering a stronger creamier flavour that intensifies as you smoke. A strong leathery flavour with hints of wood and coffee, this cigar is definitely not for a novice. If your dad isn’t an experienced smoker, we wouldn’t advise this cigar – wouldn’t want Dad feeling light headed on Father’s Day.

Available at for £14.99 for a single cigar.

4 – H.Upman Number 2


Sticking with the Torpedo’s we move onto the H. Upman Number 2s. Another favourite of ours, and pairs excellent with a Dalmore Whisky if you are looking for something to go with the cigar (try the cigar malt)

A light to medium smoke measuring in at 6 1/8 inches with a 52 ring gauge, the cigar offers a light easy draw with chocolate and toffee notes. The cigar culminates with earthy, spiced notes offering a great well rounded cigar.

Available at from £16.99 for a single cigar.

5 – El Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme


A truly magnificent cigar which those who have smoked will agree, this smaller cigar (In comparison to the others) makes a fantastic smoke for anyone, be it an aficionado or a cigar novice.

Measuring in at 5 inches with a 48 ring gauge, this cigar offers a sweet, smooth and flavoursome smoke that is consistent throughout.

We picked up some chocolate and honey notes when we last smoked them, putting this as one of our top cigars to buy for someone on Father’s Day has just started getting into cigars or fancies the experience of smoking a cigar on their special day.

Available at for £11.49 for a single cigar.


All cigars are great options but if you are looking for anything else or want more information, tweet us at @Cutthecap and we’d be happy to help. Alternatively tweet or email HumiBros as they are in the business to help @Humibros /

Whatever you choose, have a great Father’s day whether you are buying or receiving gifts and use this day as much as you can to take time to enjoy a fine cigar and family

Happy Father’s Day from Cut The Cap