The Pop Up Embassy of Havana Club

When planning a holiday I hate having to line up outside the embassy to get the necessary visa’s. However there’s a new embassy in town which I cannot wait to visit.

Havana Club International is creating a pop-up “Mojito Embassy” that will tour selected markets, around Europe giving people the chance to learn how to make an “authentic Cuban mojito”. (I can think of a few bars that should send their barmen)

The bar will pop up in secret unconventional locations in each of the countries it tours, and will be designed to recreate the look and feel of Havana..Minus the weather (they aren’t miracle workers)

Visitors will be able to pick fresh ingredients required for the drink from stalls in the centre of the venue, before learning how to make the cocktail under the guidance of a team of bartenders.

Entry to the bar is free, but you will be charged for the drinks made and drunk. It’s only fair.

To ensure responsible drinking (everyone looks at me) consumers will be limited to three drinks each.

The Havana Club Embassy kicked off in Milan, earlier this month and will be travelling across Europe stopping in the UK, Portugal, Belgium and France.

There are also plans for the Embassy to stop in selected cities in South America and other international locations that are yet to be confirmed.

So looks like some good quality mojitos are on their way. Sign me up for citizenship..Cigars at the ready!