The Hangover 2 Review

So on Wednesday night I was invited to a special screening of The Hangover 2 in London.

I guess it was special because it was the day before release, fashion presenter Gok Wan introduced it (not sure what he was doing there) and that they gave out free Asahi beer before the film begun.

Being a massive fan of the first, I automatically turned my expectation levels down as I knew it would not be able to compete with the first one.

However, I did really enjoy it. It may have the same formula as the first one (pretty much 99% the same) but it was still a laugh out loud comedy.

The cast were on point with their jokes. The pictures at the end were even grosser than the first and I couldn’t stop laughing.

It’s had some really bad reviews but I am defending it by saying that it was funny. Its had my cheeks hurting by the end and the Wolf Pack are definitely back.

Out of 10, I’d give it a 7.

You can tell this film was a pure money-maker for the distributor by all the product placement!