The DeLorean is Back from the Future

With Back to the Future Nike Air Mags taking over peoples feet last month, it was only a matter of time before DeLorean also jumped on the Nostalgic bandwagon.

The DeLorean Motor Company not only owns the rights to the famous “Back to the Future” car, but also maintains a huge stockpile of original, factor parts.

As a result, their primary business has been restoring, servicing and selling DeLorean cars and merchandise.

However news has surfaced that It’s also been assembling new cars for buyers, using 80% original parts and 20% modern engine and suspension technology.

The DeLorean Motor Company has partnered with Epic EV start-up to develop an all-electric version of their cars, which should go into production by 2013.

Reports are unclear as yet if the new cars will feature a flux capacitor but we can only hope.

Hopefully we’ll have more news soon but until then, enjoy two photos that were released along with the announcement.