Sushi Shop x Scott Campbell Limited Edition Sushi

Sushi Shop have teamed up with legendary tattoo artist Scott Campbell who has put his name and image to a limited edition box.

Available across all Sushi Shops and priced at £39.90, the 42 piece box comes with sushi that are just as creative as Scott Campbell, moving away from the traditional sushi we all know.

To make things even more exciting, each box also comes with a limited edition temporary tattoo designed by Scott himself, so you can fool your friends into thinking you have a tattoo from the man himself.

We went down the launch at Sushi Shop Marylebone for a delicious evening of Sushi, bubbles and tattoos (temporary).


Here we met Pierre Boudy, Sushi Head chef for Sushi Shop who took us through a masterclass on how to create some of the signature pieces.

Some of the highlights of what we ate on the night included:

Tuna Zuke & Tomato Sushi
Combining the delicacy of seared marinated tuna with the smoothness of the tomato tartare.


Citrus Salmon Roll
A roll that awakens the palate with the crunch of croutons, complementing the refreshing mayonnaise with the softness of salmon and Avacado, with a bit of lime zest to give it a delicate final touch.



Spinach & Tempura Maki
The alliance of fresh guacamole with the crunchiness of the ebi tempura prawn creates a surprising maki, wrapped in spinach leaves.


Sushi Shop has 88 retail outlets in France with a further 29 across the globe, and with more on the cards we can see why. The sushi is created with the care and attention you wouldn’t even imagine was possible.


With a creative set of collaborations in the past such as Joel Robuchon and Kei Kobayashi, you can see how they have always demonstrate artistic creativity throughout their partnerships.

If you want to find our more about these limited edition Scott Campbell box’s or order your own. Take a visit to