Sons Of Anarchy Release Limited Edition Cigar Line

A TV show I am loving at the moment is ‘sons of anarchy’ so imagine my excitement when I heard they were releasing limited edition cigars to celebrate the shows final season, which currently on TV (no spoilers in this article- promise)

Sons of Anarchy or S.O.A, already have a line of cigars available in the US which have had some good reviews, so with the news of a new limited edition line, our ears are poised.

The new line is created by Meier & Dutch and sees two limited-edition Sons of Anarchy branded cigars to coincide with the final season (sniff sniff).

Blended by A.J. Fernandez, the Sons of Anarchy Clubhouse Edition comes in two different versions, both packaged in Anarchy themed boxes that will immediately be recognisable

The Sons of Anarchy Clubhouse Edition KG-9 cigars are boxed in a replica firearms crate.

The choice of a firearms crate is a reference to Samcros main source of income, arms dealing which forms many of the storylines in the show.

The KG-9 cigars measure in at 6 inches with a 52 ring gauge.

Made of an Ecuador Habano leaf wrapper draped around Nicaraguan tobacco, a box of 21 sticks will set you back about $189, ($9 per stick if you can find anyone selling them as singles)

The second of the range is the Sons of Anarchy Clubhouse Edition Chapel comes in a hand-carved box modelled after the Grim Reaper table seen in the clubhouse meeting room, where all business is discussed.

The lid is a reproduction of the official Sons of Anarchy biker patch-an allegorical composition of anarchy, guns and death. (Delightful)

Within a box, you’ll get 15 toros also measuring in at 6 inches with a 52 ring gauge, made from Nicaraguan tobacco with a Cuban-seed sungrown wrapper, and retailing at

$135 for a box of 15, ($9 each if you don’t have a calculator)

“With the success of the Sons of Anarchy Blend [released last year], we thought it fitting to produce two new limited-edition releases to coincide with the show’s final season,” said Steve McDevitt, director of sales for Meier & Dutch cigar distributors.

According to Cigar Aficionado, he describes the blends as being robust and is confident that these boxes will become instant collector’s items. You’re telling us! We already want one for smoking and one for saving.

If you are familiar with the show you will know that Clay Morrow, played by Ron Perlman always had a cigar on him, especially when they had a meeting around the Grim Reaper table.

If we get our hands on any, we’ll be sure to do a review. We’ll speak to the Irish! If Only Zobelle was around (SOA joke).