Send an Old Fashioned


Send a Negroni, the popular service that gifts negroni pouches alongside personalised cards
through the post is launching a new offering: Send an Old Fashioned. Providing an additional way
to spread the love to pals and family (or to yourself), the new delivery service allows users to
send, you guessed it, an Old Fashioned anywhere in the UK for just £10.

Send a Negroni originally launched in 2020 as a response to lockdown. With its lighthearted tone
and playful visuals, it aimed to help people spread some love and feel connected at a time when
everyone was feeling the impact of COVID restrictions. With the ritual of getting together for a
drink no longer allowed, Send a Negroni provided a way for people to let each other know they
were thinking of them.

Even as restrictions ease, the demand for Send a Negroni has continued, inspiring the team to
make another much-loved classic cocktail available for gifting. Featuring a similarly fun mascot,
Send an Old Fashioned is available to send in three serving sizes: for one, two or five. Once
received, simply pour over ice to serve. With the option to add a personalised note and from just
£10, it’s an affordable way to say hello to those you love and spread some joy – whether it’s a
special occasion or just because.

Send an Old Fashioned is available at and is delivered via Royal Mail 1st Class.