Russian Standard Vodka’s House Of Davai

So here’s something a bit different…

After last year’s initial introduction to the festival, Russian Standard Vodka have bought back one of the most original and unique experiences to Edinburgh crowds for the whole month of August. The House Of Davai, meaning “let’s go”, is the place to be during this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe, with plenty of ultra-clean, smooth and delicious Russian Mule cocktails on hand to enhance the fun of course!

Rebel Bingo has morphed into a bingo beast, selling out parties in 30 cities across five countries. Whether in its hometown of London or New York the concept is universal – bingo that has been inflated to gargantuan proportions by a cast of dancers, DJs, glitter cannons and giant cuddly pandas. Rebel Bingo is taking Edinburgh Festival Fringe by storm debuting its unique brand of intense entertainment. In its own words, “Play hard. Win Big. And don’t bring your Grandma”.

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ALSO Responding to phenomenal demand, Russian Standard are reviving the fabled PingTron, bringing its unique and exceptional take on ping pong to Edinburgh for the very first time. Armed with little more than a paddle, ticket holders will be able to battle it out until they can go no more in this speedy, exciting game, whilst playing in total darkness, with only the alien glow of UV-lights to help guide balls over the net. Russian Standard Vodka cocktails will be on hand to support all participants in their efforts, certainly aiding those in the quest to become crowned PingTron Champion. 

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In a scrum to rival the demand for Glastonbury Tickets, Rebel Bingo and PingTron shows sell out in minutes, so booking early is advised. Tickets are available for Rebel Bingo here and PingTron here.