Rhum St Barth – Rumfest 2011

It seems lately we’ve been talking allot about rums, however the one thing that goes with a cigar (apart from a cutter) is a nice rum.

The good thing about going to Rumfest is being able to discover new rums that you know will soon be the big drink you’ll see in the clubs, and today that rum is Rhum St Barth.

Nestled away from the main commotion of Rumfest we found ourselves at their section sampling the 3 rums from the range as well as ‘The Take Off’ which as you can imagine from the name…certainly does!

They are a new boutique range that only produce 30,000 bottles globally, making it some pretty hard to find stuff.

The 3 ranges they have are the Blanc (white) the Amber (Ambre) or the Authentique.

After sampling the range I found myself drawn to the Authentique, thinking it would make a perfect pairing with a cigar.

I found out the Authentique is aged for 12 years in oak barrels, and has 43% alcohol, I’m sure that should mean it needs a flammable sticker?

To make them even more special, bottles are individually numbered, and it comes in a wooden collector’s case, which gives you the sense that the rum is very much ‘a special occasion’ rum, and not to be left on the side for your friends to mix with coke.

After taking a few sips you get all kinds of flavours hitting the pallet from liquorice to Vanilla, then chocolate and fruits, making this rum a real ‘experience to share with friends’.

I was unfortunate to be able to sample the rum with a cigar to find the perfect pairing but can imagine you wouldn’t want a full flavoured cigar, as it would hinder the flavours from the rum coming through.

I’d probably need to try some more with a cigar to work out the perfect pairing, but for now I think a Montecristo Edmundo or No.2 would work well.

The Take Off
While we were there, we were also introduced to the Take Off. It’s a cocktail that is traditionally called a ‘ti punch’ and it’s the classic way to serve an agirocle rhum.

The ingredients are very simple:
– Brown Sugar
– Lime
– and Rhum St barths (of course)

At first I wondered why it was so warm and if it had been left there for hours but turns out the trick is never to serve it with ice, and sip it, allowing the ingredients to do their thing and absorb and infuse.

We met the friendly team from Rhum St Barths and were told it was a breakfast drink; hence it would take you off the day. It beats a full English fry up!!!

Rhum St Barths is definitely on the up, with a big US launch planned, more events in St Barth, with roll out in Europe and the Middle East, watch this space, as I think this drink will be seen on the menu in clubs soon.

For people in the UK looking to purchase a bottle email Rhum St Barth Here and they can sort you out.

Happy days.