Puroexpress.com Update

Hey all

So this weekend I was fortunate to be around some friends and family and we decided to break in the box of Partagas Series D Number 4’s.

At first, the cigar felt a bit strong (stronger than normal) but as time went by the taste calmed and smoked very well. This could be because the box was stamped MAR 10, so a few months in my humidor should straighten that out.

The only problem was that we were smoking in December in London, so the weather was not on our side. We found ourselves smoking as fast as we could to get out of the cold.

This did affect the smoke as a Cigar should be smoked slowly, with pride and at a slow pace.

Sure enough I was upset when I finished the cigar as the moment was over, but was able to shoot straight inside with a warm cup of tea, put my feet up and thaw out.

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I look forward to reviewing some Christmas cigars soon