Punch Petit Coronation Review

I had the opportunity to try the Punch Petit Coronation today, having found some on sale at a Asda store (which i was quite surprised about, but turns out it’s quite common).

I got hold of 2, one for myself and one for blog-extroardinaire Eray Galip.

The cigars came in the Green tubes which Punch have started using recently for these cigars. Also changed, is the ring which is now a red and gold band, as opposed to the previous simpler brown bands.

However, all these are just minor distractions and its time to get down to the real business.

The cigar is well constructed, and later burned very well, very even, which I guess is no particular surprise considering this is a 40 ring gauge cigar.

The wrapper is rough. Not particularly oily. It has a light shade and this all straight away tells me this cigar is not going to blow me away knowing my personal preference.

Straight from the tube, and not having been aged at all, I found the initial draw quite harsh and this continued for the first 1/3 of the cigar which is a shame because it is a very small cigar and this left much less of it to enjoy.

The flavours really didn’t start to flow much until the mid-way point when I got nice mild woody notes on the palate. I’m not personally a fan of this particular aroma. Cedar is not really a flavour I could enjoy with a drink or with a meal therefore this is a slight disappointment. The flavour does develop in to some leather notes later on which again did little to excite me.

All in all, a pretty dull smoke. However, that said I have checked out some of the prices and for its price range I couldn’t really pick a much better Cigar.