Power blogging on the move with Duracell

As you may have heard one of us (Man About Town) needs to brush up on his cigar knowledge so we’re sending him (me!) off to Cuba (via Spain and Mexico!) But how will he blog I hear you cry… well the iDevices are packed in the bag along a pack of tricks from Duracell…

We’ve been told that Duracell has power solutions that will stop you getting caught short by giving you an extra lifeline. According to then by using one of the new and improved Duracell Portable mobile-device Chargers, you’ll no longer experience the feeling of frustration, panic or realisation that your mobile is about to run out of battery power, leaving you unable to continue your everyday tasks such as sending that urgent work email, listening to music, reading an e-book or blogging about your new favourite cigar!

Have you ever thought of this? While new technologies are taking us to new places, enabling us to do things we’ve not been able to do before, we are also becoming more dependent upon powerful gadgets to keep up, stay connected, and capture ‘not to be missed moments’ – but what about your power solutions? Duracell™ is constantly addressing the ever growing and changing needs of everyone’s power demands by offering a full range of solutions, designed to meet each specific need, from various traditional alkaline batteries, to rechargeable and on the go solutions, helping daily devices perform beyond their usual power limits.

Duracell’s new and evolved line-up makes will make it possible for the likes of me and you to do and experience more through extending the life of the devices, taking them from out-of-power to charged. This streamlined portfolio features a range of Portable Chargers, battery chargers & rechargeable cells and traditional disposable round cell batteries designed to meet all power needs, both at home and on the go, extending the usage of the devices we can’t live without, from smartphones and cameras to music players.

Leigh Tomlinson, Business Leader for Duracell UK & Ireland, said: “Our lifestyles continue to get busier and we rely more and more on technology, especially our mobile phones. With so much else to focus on, worrying about your devices running out of battery is a daily frustration we can all do without. With this evolved line-up we make it easier than ever to keep your devices fully charged wherever you are, ensuring that you can go beyond your normal limits.”

The portfolio sees slick new packaging, which has been streamlined to enable you to easily find the power solution you are seeking, as we’re aware that you don’t have time to spend reading loads of information to work out what you need!

Several new devices have been introduced to offer long-lasting power to keep gadgets juiced up, making it possible for people to see, do and experience more through extending the life of their every day gadgets. This is the one I’ll be taking with me:

Duracell Power

Duracell Portable USB Charger 1800mAh
(Also known as the Portable 5-hour smartphone Charger)
RRP £39.99

New to the range and providing enhanced mobile device charging in a compact design, this is an ideal option for those with multiple devices on the move, able to provide extra power anytime, anywhere.

Key benefits:
Up to 5 hours of extra talktime for smartphones[1]
Charges two devices on the go
Features a power-check button for added convenience
Micro-USB cable (and Micro-to-Mini Tip adapter) included

Also available:

Duracell Portable USB Charger 1150mAh
(Also known as thePortable 3-hour smartphone Charger, formerly ‘Instant Charger’)
RRP £29.99
Sleek, convenient solution for charging devices on the go to ensure you can keep texting, gaming and listening to music wherever you are.

Duracell Portable USB Charger 1150mAh

Key benefits:
· Up to 3 hours extra talktime for smartphones1 making it ideal for a quick top-up while out and about.

Instantly charges all micro- or mini-USB compatible mobile devices.
Slim, lightweight and easy to transport

Rechargeable Portable Power
For those seeking rechargeable power solutions at home and whilst on the go, Duracell has revised its line-up and reduced its range of 8 chargers down to 6, based around consumers’ differing recharging needs. Updated packaging makes the benefits clearer than ever, and two new chargers provide quick, convenient recharging for AA batteries, whether they’re needed in an hour or in 15 minutes. The new Staycharged batteries come charged up, ideal to put in toys as they come ready to use and can be recharged 100s of times and retain their charge for up to a year when not in use.

Speedy Charger
RRP £29.99
The new Duracell Speedy Charger is a compact charger that can be taken anywhere to provide you with quick recharge, anytime, anywhere.

Speedy Charger

Key benefits:
Standard 4 cell charge in 2-3 hours
Fast charge mode recharges 2 AAA/AA batteries in 1 hour

15 Minute Charger
RRP £39.99

When time really is of the essence, the new Duracell 15 Minute Charger helps minimise the hassle of losing power, with an upgraded design that provides the fastest charge, guaranteed.

Key benefits:
Charges 4 AA cells in 15 minutes, guaranteed
Battery health indicator to show when the batteries are ready to go

Disposable Portable Power

For everyday needs, Duracell batteries offer portable power anytime, anywhere. Duracell Plus Power is one of four disposable tiers available. There’s an option to suit either low or high drain devices ranging from Simply Duracell, Plus Power, Ultra Power to Ultra Lithium

Disposable Portable Power





Duracell Ultra Lithium
RRP £8.49

Available for the first time, Duracell’s most powerful AA battery ever provides long-term performance for medium and high-drain devices.

Duracell Ultra Lithium

Key benefits:
Performs 7x better in digital cameras2
The first battery to offer Lithium technology from Duracell
Available in AA

Duracell Plus Power (formerly ‘Duracell Plus’)
RRP £3.79 for a 4pk AA4

The upgraded Duracell Plus Power provides guaranteed longer lasting power in AAA, C and D cells.

Key benefits:
Upgrade of Duracell Plus with longer-lasting power guaranteed

The updated Duracell range emphasises convenience and accessibility to provide a reliable source of personal, portable power, ensuring that the devices people use every day don’t let them down.

Available from www.duracelldirect.co.uk and www.amazon.co.uk