Possibly London’s Most Epic Burgers!

Another lunch, another visit to Red Market. Today however, we threw caution to the wind and attempted a true Man vs Food type portion of 100% beef!

Burger Bear, one of the stalls at Red Market serve up some of the juiciest, leanest, most amazing burgers I have had the pleasure of ever trying this side of the Atlantic. It’s a true American dream using some the finest ingredients the cap city has to offer.

Using 100% handmade, homemade beef patties prepared daily using only sustainable sources, Burger Bear have the classic cheeseburger also named Burger Bear, the spicy Angry Burger for the brave, the Grizzly Bear with the full works including bacon, and my personal challenge, the Greedy Bear consisting of TWO larger-than-your-average beef patties, FOUR cheese slices, TWO rashers of bacon and relish sandwiched between two fresh buns making a burger of EPIC proportions cooked the way you like.


My first impressions were that thus burger would conquer me before I could conquer it but I have a big appetite and one taste of this monster and I could not let a single bite go to waste. With much pain, I defeated the almighty Greedy Bear. The burger wss cooked to a perfect medium, and.that meant I got all.the juicy tenderness and flavour I am.yet to find anywhere else in London.

If you’re within a 100 mile proximity to London, get down here and try it for yourself!