Playboy Club London – aka ‘Living the Dream’

At the weekend I was privileged to visit The Playboy Club inMayfair for a night of drinks, dancing and fun. I packed my cigar carry case and we jumped in a cab. Just being able to say to the taxi driver “Playboy Club, Old Park Lane” instantly made me feel like I was part of a special group of people, which drew a massive smile on my face.

From the second we arrived and joined the entry queue we could tell just how exclusive this venue was. At the front of the line we noticed a group of young people who obviously weren’t on the list and they were kindly refused admission. Behind them 2 guys who also weren’t on the list, who again were asked to leave. The door staff were polite but firm which you rarely see in a London club these days.

Watching this unfold just made me more excited to be going. I was lucky to be going with my wife and her friend so the ratio was in my favour.

We were ticked off the list and warmly welcomed into the venue. The second I passed the velvet rope, I had this feeling like I was one of the ‘elite’. One of those people you see walking into a club and ask yourself ‘how do I become like him?’!

Staff on reception were very welcoming – taking our jackets into the cloakroom whilst explaining where everything was.

We made our way upstairs to the Players bar where we took our seats and kick started the night with pink champagne, served within a glass bearing the iconic Playboy logo.

While we tucked into some nibbles and fruit platters we soaked up the atmosphere watching sports on one of the giant TV Screens strategically positioned so that no matter where you sit, you have a great view. I can see the players bar being an amazing spot for watching a big game.

Already feeling like a VIP, we were offered a guided tour of the venue. We were shown the Cottontail nightclub, Salvatore’s self-titled bar run by renowned mixologist, Salvatore Calabrese, the Smoking Terrace, private dining room and even the Barbers shop ‘Gentlemen’s Tonic’ located off the gaming floor for those who need a quick trim before going home/clubbing.

The terrace really stood out for me as a great place to light up my cigar. Covered and complete with an open fire, I could see myself sitting out there for hours mesmerised by the fire.

Once the tour was over we were introduced to most of the management team including one of the VP’s at Playboy Enterprises, and Adam Roberts the Club Director…(I wish I had a notepad so I could remember and name-check them all).

By now I was getting a glimpse of the Hugh Hefner Lifestyle, and could see why the place was so exclusive. Within the walls of the Playboy Club you get a real sense of family from the staff and the level of service is nothing I have seen before. Even the Bunny’s were friendly, welcoming and helpful.

After a few Vodka & Playboy Energy Drinks, we fancied a bit of a dance and made our way to the Cottontail Lounge. After visiting a few central London nightclubs in the past I was interested to see how this club compared. The club didn’t compare….it excelled!

The atmosphere reminded me of a Las Vegas nightclub. Everyone was there to have a good time and party. It was like I was back at Pure at Caesars Palace.

Having been to other clubs in Londonyou find the staff are usually obnoxious and look down on you. At Playboy Club London, everyone who works there welcomes you with open arms. They stop to open doors for you, they serve you with a smile, and always have excellent manners. There wasn’t an empty glass in sight and any spilt drinks were cleared up within 1 minute.

The music was pretty much perfect. It was like they had my ipod on shuffle dropping classics like California Love and Ante up as well as LMFAO (yes I did the wiggle) and Drake.

And when the DJ dropped Jay-Z and Kanye West’s ‘Otis’, the club went crazy (including me). Everyone was dancing non-stop. People were socialising, I met some great people that night including a guy that just got back fromCuba (so you can imagine the cigar talk).

We partied until about 4am and finally when the tiredness set in it was time to leave; but not before heading back to the terrace to soak up the atmosphere one last time. It was here I wanted to take out my Montecristo Edmundo and just sit in front of the fire. However time was against us, the cab was outside and we had to leave.

Playboy Club London is the best venue I’ve been to in years. With its exclusivity and welcoming staff, you get a glimpse of how exciting it would have been a member in the 60’s. My granddad used to tell me stories of how he and my great uncle were regulars there back in the day and now I can see why (don’t tell myNan). I even rang him the next day to tell him that I went and that I now understand!

What was even more shocking was I also found out my mum used to go with her friends. ‘WTF‘ sprung to mind but she told me that it was ‘the place to be’ in the 70s. Looks like they’ve claimed that title once again!

The Playboy Club is one of those places that has to be seen to be believed. It may be hard to get in, but once you’re in, you start to consider selling your prize possessions to afford the membership.  You can see why Snoop and Cee-Lo Green are regulars there when inLondon, and why Lewis Hamilton can’t seem to get enough of the place!

My one regret was not being able to smoke my cigar on the terrace but I hope that one day I can return and re-live the life behind the ropes of the Playboy Club London. If I do, I will report back.

Next target: PlayboyMansion (I wish)

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The Playboy Club London is creatively designed to incorporate influences from the original Playboy Club London that opened in 1966, integrating gaming with contemporary nightlife in a venue that combines the sexy and sophisticated feel of Playboy with the international allure of London. The 17,000 square foot property spread over two floors is being designed by acclaimed London-based architects Jestico + Whiles.